Dederang Primary School Vision

At Dederang PS all students are empowered to embrace learning and achieve their personal best.
We cultivate a sense of community, a love for the natural environment and challenge each child to be curious, creative and caring.
We practise the core values of the school: respect, safety and learning.

Dederang Primary School Philosophy

Dederang Primary School believes in the right of all children to experience high quality care regardless of gender, religious belief, family background and cultural identity. We believe that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

We want the best outcomes for every child. We have high expectations for children, educators and service providers. We value staff and their continued professional learning towards excellence in education. We believe that it is imperative that children’s Health Safety and Wellbeing are addressed in all areas of the school. We cultivate a sense of citizenship, a love the natural environment, a sense of the aesthetic, fun and wonder with all students.

The school will endeavour to enact its philosophy through its professional development program, curriculum provision and focus on student well-being.

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