Teaching and learning are key in our school. We aim to ensure that each minute is productive, and to nurture each child’s sense of curiosity and inquiry to build confidence and understanding. We promote perseverance, and encourage children to question what they do not understand, wonder about why things are as they are and to imagine solutions, or alternatives to what they know.

Our curriculum offerings are broad and designed to ensure that we cater for each child’s social, emotional, academic and physical needs. After starting the day with a literacy and numeracy block, the latter half of the school day is devoted to nurturing broader skills and interests including performing arts, Chinese, Specialist Science, theme-work, technology (including woodwork, crafts and cooking), physical education or sport classes. In addition we offer fortnightly art and library classes, taught by visiting specialists, and have an established swimming and snow skiing programs.

We take every opportunity for our students to work with the community, accepting opportunities as they arise. Our learning tasks are informed by the Victorian Curriculum, student learning data and, where appropriate, we also capitalise on our setting and local environment.   Each student has access to a computer and accesses various programs to support and practise his or her learning.

Our teachers monitor student understanding to inform the design of the next layer of their work.  We differentiate.  We aim to provide and collect feedback about student learning and understanding. We constantly reflect on what we do as educationalists, aiming to best cater for the learning of students in our school

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