At Dederang Primary School, students are our core focus. Respect, Learning and Safety are our values.We like and understand children, and work with families and the local community to cater for each child’s needs.We aim to promote a learning culture and a love of learning. We strive to ensure that each child leaves us curious and passionate, understanding his or her heritage, and confident in his or her ability to learn throughout life.

At Dederang Primary School, we aim for each and every child to keep exceeding his or her personal best. Our goal is for each child to become a literate, numerate, fit, healthy, caring, creative and technologically savvy young person. He or she will leave primary school with the skills and understandings on which to build in order to be well positioned to contribute to the 21st Century: locally, nationally and globally.

We welcome enquiries and are happy to have children to visit us for a day. Our school has an idyllic country setting. We realize that families deliberate about the best schooling option for their children, and work with you and your child’s kindergarten or previous school, to ensure that we gather as much knowledge and information about your son or daughter through the enrolment process so that, from day one, we can best cater for his or her learning needs.

Please call us, or download the enrolment forms on this site, to progress your inquiry or son/daughter’s enrolment with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Bronwen Martin


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